A new futuristic service was presented yesterday at Aspra Spitia of Boeotia by Mytileneos. The Smart Cities platform is a reality that is coming to change the way the citizen lives, whether it is a village or a city. It is a technology that is literally a game changer in the field of operation of today’s city, since as said by the head of Mytileneos, Mr. Evangelos Mytileneos, “the future is already here”.

Being the keynote speaker, Mr. Mytilineos noted that “we envision not just making our cities smarter, but making them friendlier, greener and more sustainable.” At the same time, we hope that it will make the everyday life of citizens and residents easier, at a critical moment for humanity”.

At the same time, he emphasized that “this is what “smart cities” can do, to strengthen sustainability, to give power and control to consumer citizens, to use the data themselves, the famous Big Data, for the benefit of themselves and their communities. A smart city that correctly approaches the terms of citizenship, governance and mobility creates these possibilities and makes it an open city, contributing to the operation of open institutions and societies, which make communities more democratic. The value of the community and its people is highlighted. The consumer now becomes a producer and controls his consumption, saves, protects himself and the environment”.

As the powerful man noted, MYTILINEOS became the first industry in Greece and one of the first worldwide, which in 2020 committed to specific goals for reducing CO2 emissions, by -30% for 2030 compared to 2019 and net zero in 2050. by implementing initiatives in all areas of its business activity. Since then, we have achieved 55% of its turnover coming from sustainable activities.

What is the Smart Cities Platform

This is a platform which is addressed to Municipalities throughout Greece and according to sources close to the subject, the interest recorded is already significant. The platform is already available and operational.

It is interactive between the Municipality and the citizen who will be able, through his personal account, to take control of his consumption in energy, water and municipal services.

For Mytileneos it is a big step in the provision of services and supply of utility services in every corner of Greece through the smart cities platform. The first pilot test was performed with the installation of the smart cities in 15 houses at Aspra Spitia from which it has already been collecting consumption data for 4 months.

The most important point is that the citizen becomes a “prosumer”, i.e. a producer-consumer as he will be able to store energy, use it, and even resell it through a battery that will be installed in his home.

At the same time, the citizen will be able to check energy and water consumption at any time, he will be able to intervene, he will have an online connection with his Municipality, he will know the faults in the utility networks and when they will be repaired. At the same time, through the smart poles that will be installed in various parts of the city and that will operate with photovoltaic and wind systems, they will provide a wi-fi connection, they will give information about the city, the weather, they will be able to transmit messages through speakers, even to charge mobile devices.

In more detail, the Smart Cities platform will include – among other things– the following services and applications:

• Flexible services for energy management

• Smart water management

• Smart waste management

• High functionality in public space (device charging points, Internet access via 4G / Wi-Fi, sound systems for direct communication between citizens and public services, weather information, access to lighting options)

• Traffic management through smart traffic applications

• Utilization of 5G capabilities

• Central control systems that will provide immediate information, so that issues can be resolved in a short period of time even with remote management

Services and applications for homes will include:

• “Smart” and “green” devices such as digital energy and water meters, inverters, photovoltaic panels, batteries

• Fast chargers for electric vehicles

• Possibility of production and control of consumption by residents (“prosumers”)

As Yiannis Kalafatas, General Director of Financial Services pointed out, “with the use of digital technologies, existing structures and facilities are upgraded, offering meaningful interaction with citizens, with security and reliability. At the same time, the use of resources will be optimized and direct and indirect carbon dioxide emissions will be minimized.”


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