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Motorways’ flood protection projects to proceed immediately with 350m euros



The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport will immediately proceed to the implementation of flood defence works, with a total cost of 350m euros in order to safeguard areas along the country’s five motorway axes.

Yesterday, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Kostas Karamanlis, visited Kineta, Attica where heavy rainfall caused major damages to the area’s infrastructure.

During his remarks, the Minister said that starting next week, “in addition to the flood defence works that we have already signed with the European Investment Bank -7 of which are for Attica region with 150m euros- we will also carry out 350m worth of flood protection projects on five major motorways and their surrounding areas, so that we are ready to deal with such phenomena”.

These projects are considered necessary in order for future disasters to be avoided, especially floods as well as residential areas and natural habitats to be protected. The announcement and assignment of these projects is a matter of time, especially after yesterday’s events as the Ministry is determined to provide a viable solution to this issue. Projects’ financing is secured.

Next week, there will be a meeting of the relevant Gov’t Committee, regarding the immediate disbursement of money for these flood protection projects.




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