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Motorway networks’ extensions of strategic importance for Epirus region



Ionian and Olympia Motorways might have been released to operation but the country’s “motorway era” has not been concluded yet, especially for the region of Epirus. Over the coming years, approximately 3.5bn euros will be invested to complete Greece’s motorway network that will literally change the face of areas, which, until very recently, were geographically isolated.

These projects will not be independent but complementary to the existing road axes, thus reinforcing their functionality. The interest for Epirus region mainly focuses on two projects; the extension of Ionian Motorway to Kakavia (Albania) and the Northern part of E65, which, when completed, will connect with Egnatia Motorway axis.

Ioannina – Kakavia (Ionian Motorway’s extension to the North)

It concerns the extension of Ionian Motorway to the borders with Albania, in Kakavia, with a cost of around 340mln euros. This a priority project for the Region of Epirus. For now, the section with implementation prospects is Pedini – Kalpaki, about 34 km long. However, before it reaches Kakavia (with another 30 km), Ionian Motorway will not be a fully integrated road axis which is also one of the core trans-European transport networks and (probably in the future) one of the main gateways to the neighbouring country.

The completion of Central Motorway – E65

The second motorway of great importance for Epirus is E65. Pending sections are the southern part (Lamia – Ksiniada) and especially the northern one, which will connect Trikala with Egnatia Motorway. Total cost of the remaining parts is 700mln euros. For the time being, a “blind” section with a length of 80 km has been released to operation.

Aktio – Amvrakia Motorway

Even though this road axis does not pass through Epirus, is also very important for the wider area. The construction of the Aktio – Amvrakia motorway, which requires about 170mln euros to be completed by 2021, is still under construction. The news here is good that a 15 km-long section is about to be completed in the following period while a tender for a “sweep” contract is underway . This project is co-funded by NSRF 2014 – 2020.



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