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Ministry of Infrastructure secured 80mn euros from NSRF for new TfA buses



Greek Ministry of Infrastructure has secured an additional 80mn euros from NSRF 2014-2020 aiming for the renewal of TfA’s (Transport for Athens) fleet. This was clarified by the General Directorate for Road Safety, after a question addressed to the Ministry by MP, Mr. Kalafatis.

These funds are intended for the replacement of a substantial part of TfA’s ageing fleet and will be added to the already allocated 30mn euros from Attica’s regional authorities. The new total for the project is now as high as 110mn, promising the procurement of roughly 350 anti-pollution buses, using alternative sources of power, such as electricity.

It is reminded that had recently revealed the Ministry’s intention for a major fleet renewal both in Athens and Thessaloniki, exploring funding options both from EIB and CTF.

Provided that this effort continues and matures as expected, it is quite likely to see additional funds from both funding tools that will finally allow the implementation of the project.




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