The extension of line 2 of the Athens Metro to Ilion will be included in the NSRF regarding the environment. The expansion, which will cover even more densely populated areas of the north-western suburbs, was considered a highly environmental project and for this reason, instead of being included in the transport-network infrastructure program, it was eventually led to the green economy program. The finalization of the project’s inclusion in the NSRF 2021-2027 will take place this year.

According to information, the studies of the project are running at this time in order to be sent to the Ministry of Environment for approval at some point in the year. The competition for the preparation of the environmental study is currently being prepared. Once the environmental study is validated, then the project will be ready for auction.

The goal of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport is for the project to be announced at the end of the year and if possible to have a contractor by 2023. However, projects of this size need time to be fully ready until they reach the point of being auctioned.

This is a major environmental and transport project that will change the way we travel in the greater area of Petroupoli, Ilion, and partly Kamatero.

X-ray of the extension to Ilion

The extension of line 2 envisages approximately 4 km of underground double line and the construction of 3 stations. The two of them will be on Thibon Avenue. The first is the PALATIANI station at the junction of Thebes and Cappadocia streets and the second is the ILION station at the junction of Thebes and Elea streets. The new terminal will be named AGIOS NIKOLAOS and will be constructed at the junction of Agiou Nikolaou and Paramythias streets at the border of Ilio and Kamatero.

The cost of the new large expansion has been estimated at around 400 million euros and is expected to attract the interest of all major technical groups in the country. With this expansion, the “red” line 2 expands even more and will have 23 stations, starting from Elliniko and reaching the border of Kamatero.

It will serve the southern suburbs, the center of Athens connected to the Central Railway Station and then extends to the western suburbs of the city. Line 2 is connected with line 3 in Syntagma and with line 1 in Omonia and Larissa Station (Central Railway Station where it is also connected to the Suburban Railway). With the Tram the line is connected to Syntagma, Syggrou / Fix and Neos Kosmos.

However, it will remain the shortest of the 3 current lines as line 1 and line 3 have 24 stations. In 2022 line 3, extending to the Municipal Theater of Piraeus, will become the largest line of the network with 27 stations.

Line 2 is planned to reach Attiki Odos in the future, passing through Kamatero and ending at Ano Liossia.


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