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The last 3 new metro stations of the extension to Piraeus will open by summer 2022



The operation of the extension of line 3 from Nikaia to the Municipal Theater will begin in the summer of 2022 by Attiko Metro. According to information from, the last pending issue concerning the tender for the installation of BACS (E / M systems) is moving forward.

In the relevant process for the supply and installation of automation and control system of buildings, only the company Honeywell appeared, which had undertaken the BACS and in the first phase of the project that concerned the stations up to Nikaia. The tender is expected to be completed quickly with the unsealing of the offer and the signing of the contract by the end of May.

What does the project entail

The object of the project is the study, supply, installation and commissioning of the system for the second phase of the extension of Line 3 of the Athens metro to the center of Piraeus, which includes the stations “MANIATIKA”, “PIRAEUS” and “MUNICIPAL THEATRE”. The BACS information system will monitor and control the tunnel ventilation system, the HVAC system as well as the building electromechanical system in the stations, ventilation shafts, recesses and tunnels in both local and central level.

The cost of BACS has been estimated at an amount with VAT of 1.31 million euros (excluding VAT of 1.06 million euros). The financing is covered by the NSRF 2014-2020 through the Operational Program YME-PERAA. The projects according to the announcement will last just over 9 months (280 days) from the signing of the contract. An important element of the tender is that it cannot be extended in time, which ensures the completion of the expansion and the delivery in operation that is determined for the summer of 2022.

What does the extension to the Municipal Theater include?

The 2nd phase of the Athens Metro Expansion to Piraeus includes three new Stations: “Maniatika” Station, “Piraeus” Station and “Municipal Theater” Station. It also includes three wells between the stations (Tzavela, Roloi, Mela), a terminal well (University), a recess of electrical equipment at the station of the Municipal Theater terminal, as well as the tunnels from the temporary station of the station “Nikaia” to the station of the Station “Municipal Theater”.

The projects are being constructed by the AVAX-GHELLA-ALSTOM consortium, which also delivered the first half of the extension from Agia Marina to Nice last summer. The same consortium will undertake the construction of the new line 4 that extends from the Veikou Grove (Galatsi) to Goudi passing through the center of the capital.

The Municipality of Piraeus: The big winner

With the operation of the new expansion, the Municipality of Piraeus will acquire three new stations in its territory. In combination with the Tram, whose operation of the extension is expected, it will acquire a dense network of stations, at least in its center and will be connected directly with the city center (Monastiraki, Syntagma), the Airport, and major transport junctions (D. Plakentias). With one transfer people will be able to reach Larissa station.

The center especially of Piraeus is expected to be revived since it will be accessible via the Metro to its main districts and Municipalities, namely Maniatika, Nikaia, Korydallos in a few minutes.





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