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Kiato-Aigio railway section to re-open on 22/6 after almost ten years




Σιδηροδρομικός σταθμός με ηλεκτροκινούμενες γραμμές

TRAINOSE SA announced today the initiation of its new services in the section Kiato-Aigio-Kiato, starting from Monday 22.06.2020, after the delivery of the new railway line.

The new routes will connect, after almost a decade, Aigio and the wider area of ​​Aigialeia, through the Suburban Railway, with the capital, the national railway network, the main port of Piraeus, as well as with the International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, comfortably, economically and safely.

A total of 6 pairs of routes will be operated from Aigio to Athens or the Airport and from Athens or the Airport to Aigio, respectively. It is noted that in the section Aigio-Kiato-Aigio, there will be intermediate stops in Eliki, Diakopto (correspondence with the rack railway to Kalavrita), Platano, Akrata, Lygia, Lykoporia and Ksylokastro.

It is noted that all routes will be switching at Kiato station, from electric Desiro trains to diesel-powered Rail Bus trains and vice versa, on the same platform.

It is reminded that in all the itineraries there is a connection with large transport hubs, through the Suburban Railway, for the better service of the passengers.




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