IBI sets a major design technology milestone in Greece undertaking the 3D digital modelling for the infrastructure and utility networks of the Ellinikon project applying state-of-the-art BIM methodologies.

The primary goal of Lamda Development, responsible for Ellinikon, is the application of the latest green, innovative and “smart” methods for its development.  BIM is able to support this goal throughout the life cycle of the project including the design, construction and operation and maintenance phases.

The BIM model of Ellinikon

The Ellinikon BIM model optimises the design process by automatically detecting possible clashes of proposed utility networks (ten types of network), as well as automatically checking misalignments with the application of the relevant specifications and regulations.  This significantly reduces costly and time-consuming changes during the construction phase of the project. Moreover, the Ellinikon BIM model also contributes to optimise its financial and environmental aspects.

Mr. Konstantinos Paslis, IBI’s Project Manager for the Ellinikon project, stated: “We are truly proud of offering our services in a project of such magnitude in Greece and Europe.”

IBI Group, a leading company in architecture and design

IBI Group, as one of the leading architectural and design companies with notable presence worldwide, has been offering integrated BIM services for years, applying innovative methodologies and parametric design. It uses the most advanced technology available and software, while at the same time it has a specialized independent “Design Technology” department which supports the research teams by developing new special applications, when the software market does not adequately cover the needs of the projects undertaken by the company.

Mr. Ioannis Nassoulis, Director of IBI Group Hellas referred to the strategic move of IBI to expand its operational activities in Greece in order to provide the full range of design services with the BIM method from simple 3D design to parametric design and the creation of digital twins of the projects to simulate their construction, operation and maintenance.

As he specifically stated: “The significant absence of application of innovative design methods in the Greek market was one of the main reasons for the expansion of our domestic branch. Our goal is to fill in this gap with new and innovative services in the whole range of infrastructure design and buildings in order to achieve an aesthetically advanced, environmentally integrated, functional, financially beneficial and sustainable infrastructure outcome”.


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