The third tender of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for the completion of the Ionian Odos Motorway with the upgrade of the Ioannina-Kakavia section has been granted its first extension.

The project, which was auctioned and canceled twice, was re-auctioned with the incorporation of the observations of the Greek public contracts authority.

The auction for the project was originally scheduled for today, November 14, but has been extended to December 5. The unsealing of the offers is scheduled for December 8, two days later. The duration of the project has been set at 54 months from the signing of the relevant contract. If the signatures are obtained by the summer of 2024, then the project, without accounting for delays, could be completed by the end of 2028. The cost of the project, including VAT, is 310 million euros, and it includes an additional 76 million euros for optional features, covering the Kalpaki-Kakavia section and connections to the airport and the Industrial Park of Ioannina. The total cost amounts to 386 million euros.

More specifically, the project involves the construction of the section of the Ionian Odos Motorway from its intersection with the Egnatia Odos to Kakavia and the Greek-Albanian borders. The project includes two sub-sections:

-Sub-section 1: Ioannina – Kalpaki. Starting from the end of the concession agreement (K.P. 4+800) and ending at the end of the Motorway Kalpaki (K.P. 51+237.37), with a total length of 46.4 km of new alignment. The sub-section includes six (6) Grade-Separated Interchanges, among which the Motorway K3 Passaronos (K.P. 21+940 – K.P. 23+441) constitutes Optional Feature 1, with a length of 1.47 km

-Sub-section 2: Kalpaki – Kakavia. Starting from the end of the Motorway Kalpaki (K.P. 51+237.37) and ending at the Kakavia border station (Km 74+349.66), with a total length of 23.11 km, the upgrade of the existing road is planned, constituting Optional Feature 2.

The project has been vindicated by the region for two decades, and now a successful competition is being pursued to finally proceed with its implementation. With the completion of the Ioannina-Kakavia section, the Ionian Odos Motorway is finalized as a vertical axis, beginning at Antirrio and ending at the Kakavia border crossing towards Albania.

For more details and the complete article in Greek, click here.


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