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Ionian Motorway: The country’s first axis with power chargers for electric vehicles



Ionian Motorway, the road axis that transformed transport in Western Greece and Epirus is pioneering once again. Almost one year after the completion of its construction and the full operation of the road, Ionian Motorway introduces new facilities for electric vehicles.

According to very well-informed sources of, Ionian Motorway, just a few days ago, became the country’s first axis offering fast power chargers across its full length.

Now, all Motorist Service Stations on the motorway will be able to offer drivers fast chargers for their vehicles, thus contributing to the promotion of electric motion in our country, which is still at a very early stage.

The presence of fast chargers across the axis, reduces its environmental footprint while, as it is the road that connects the Port of Igoumenitsa via Egnatia Motorway, will also allow electric cars travelling to Greece to find charging points in a short distance after their arrival in the country.

What is certain is that the strategic move of Ionian Motorway will also help electric chargers to “spread” in the rest of the country’s motorway network, essentially promoting the future of electrification.



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