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Ionian Motorway: Road’s first section to be completed in the end of May

Νίκος Καραγιάννης



Antirrio-Klokova construction works, i.e. Ionian Motorway’s opening section, are proceeding satisfyingly making it possible for the project to be completed in the end of this month.

Once completed, it will be decided whether the project will be released to traffic with or without the typical ribbon-cutting ceremony. What delayed the completion of the first 10 km of Ionian Motorway were both the time-consuming expropriations in Riza area and the extensive preparatory works needed for achieving smooth and stable asphalting.

Releasing the key, starting section of the Motorway after Rio-Antirrio Bridge and Olympia Motorway will reverse the negative “bottle neck” effect that was observed in the previous weeks during Easter holidays when drivers where exiting the safe environment of a covered motorway to enter an obsolete and narrow road without a guardrail in the middle.

After Antirrio-Klokova, another 2 sections, that will finally conclude the 196 km of Ionian Motorway, will be released over the next few months. These will be Amfilochia-Aghios Dimitrios (Beginning of Arta Detour) and Perdika-Kosmira (the Motorway’s northern end where it meets Egnatia and access to Ioannina).



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