Epirus acquires two more allies in the effort to implement the expansion of the Ionian Road from Ioannina to Kakavia. Both the Hellenic Motorists Federation and KEDE are in favor of the construction of the section that completes the Ionian Road.

A few days ago, the president of OFAE, Apostolos Kenanidis, was in Ioannina and captured the difficult reality of motorists, especially those who make international transports and experience -aside from other difficulties-anxiety, as they are constantly moving from country to country and are exposed to many risks.

OFAE sent a letter to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport urging the completion of the Trans-European Ionia-Kakavia road and the inclusion of the project in the Recovery Fund.

The letter states that the role of road transport is particularly important, as it is estimated that 98% of all freight transport is performed through them. In addition, it is estimated that 46.3% of the value of exports and 42.9% of the value of imports is realized through the sector.

The President underlines the importance of completing the Trans-European axis of the Adriatic Road with the construction of the Ionia-Kakavia section. The importance of the completion of this project is of great importance not only for the industry we represent, but also for the development and competitiveness of Greece “, he underlines highlighting the importance of the road that will cross five countries, which will attract freight and Passenger flows in our country from the Balkans, Central and Northern Europe, the airports of Ioannina and Akti, the port of Igoumenitsa, as well as the road network of Egnatia and Ionia.

KEDE is also in favor of the project

Substantial support to the constant request of Epirus for the implementation of the road project Ioannina – Kakavia, is the resolution approved during the regular meeting of its Board of Directors, the Central Union of Greek Municipalities, for the Western Road Axis).

The resolution comes to strengthen the constant request of the institutions of Epirus for the completion of the Ionian Road to the border with Kakavia, which is part of the axis through the financing of the project, from the Recovery Fund.

As it is mentioned, “More than 100 million Europeans travel by car and when the Greek part of the Adriatic Road network is completed, it will add value to the tourism development of all the cities of Western Greece and beyond.

The Adriatic Road or “blue corridor” but also the “Green Route”, as it is known the road that will start from Trieste and will reach Kalamata, is a project that aspires to serve the countries of the Adriatic arc and a project whoever looks at the map, will immediately understand the importance it will have for our country and especially for its western axis.

The president of the Regional Union of Municipalities of Epirus, Mr. Christos Dakaletsis, on the occasion of the placement of KEDE, stated that “Now, with the prospect of financial inclusion of the project in the Recovery Fund, things are more optimistic. “We hope that with the approval of the Greek government ‘s proposal for the Recovery Fund, an issue for Epirus will be closed.”