The land improvement projects in Amvrakia-Amfilochia-Valtos take a step forward. By decision of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, INTRAKAT was declared a temporary contractor with a discount rate of 3.57%. Mytileneos (3%), AKTOR (1.82%) and AVAX (1.34%) also participated in the tender. The contracting authority is the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The tender of the project started on January 27 with the receipt of the files and continued on the 30th of the same month with the unsealing of the bids. The next steps are (provided there are no appeals) to draw up the contract, send it to the Court of Auditors for approval, present it to Parliament and finally sign it to start the construction period.

The duration of the construction of the project is set at 36 months from the day of signing the contract. The cost of the project including VAT amounts to 64.5 million euros. The project is funded by the Recovery Fund.

For INTRAKAT it is yet another important project to be added to its portfolio, increasing its unutilized amount even more.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport still has a series of irrigation projects that it tendered at the end of January and they concern the Water Supply of Preveza-Arta-Lefkada, the Bramiano Dam, the anti-flooding works in Loutraki, etc.

The scope of the contract for land improvement works includes:

  1. A) Soil improvement projects of the lakeside areas of Ambrakia-Amfilochia: Pipeline irrigation water networks, Four Suction/Reformation reservoirs, Two irrigation pumping stations, A1m and A2m, – Drainage network in the downstream areas, Culverts for the traffic on the rural roads that will be created, Arrangements of streams and of ditches, Upgrading and improvement of existing rural roads to install an irrigation pipeline, other accompanying works (devices, wells, etc.). With the completion of the above projects, from the total gross area of 12,760 square meters in their construction area, 11,500 square meters of net area will be irrigated.
  1. B) Soil improvement projects of A’ phase of Valots areas: Central Lake Reservoir with a useful volume of 17 thousand m3, Tanks of 200 m3, (D2, D3, D4, D5), which will serve the upstream areas during peak demand times, Suction Tank ( D1) and the pumping station AB1, Pipeline network for the transport and distribution of water in the irrigation zones of phase A, Technical projects for the passage of pipelines in streams and drainage ditches and from road axes, Anti-flood-drainage networks, Agricultural road construction projects, Other accompanying works (devices, wells, etc.). With the completion of the above projects, from the total area of 25,186 acres in their construction area, 21,985 acres of the area will be irrigated.


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