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INTERKAL – TEKAL win the tender for the first section of the Drama – Kavala axis



Δρόμος, έργα στην Ποτίδαια

The first approval of the tender for the first section of the vertical axis Drama-Kavala, one of the largest road projects in Northern Greece, has been completed. The Board of Directors of Egnatia Odos S.A. approved the first minutes, according to which. as had informed you, the INTERKAT-TEKAL scheme prevailed with a discount rate of 14%. Now the second process is expected, with which this scheme will emerge as the definitive contractor.

In the June 23 tender (tenders opened on June 30), TERNA ranked second with a percentage of 12.01%, Mytileneos third with 9.33%, INTRAKAT fourth with 8.51%, AVAX fifth with 7.12% and AKTOR is sixth with 4.17%. The big goal is for the competition to proceed and for the signatures to fall by the end of the year.

The Implementing Body and Contracting Authority is Egnatia Odos S.A. who put forward another big road project. Let’s remember that at this time, at the level of tenders for major projects, the works for the Kleisoura Tunnel and the road section on the vertical Xanthi-Synora axis are still running.

The first section to be upgraded

In this contract, the object of the project is the upgrading of the Krinides-Stavros section, 8.2 km long. This section is connected to the existing national road “Drama – Kavala” west of the settlement of Krinides, and heads south – southeast ending on the old national road of Eleftheroupoli – Kavala west of the settlement of Stavros.

The cost of the project has been estimated at 60.76 million euros including VAT (49 million without VAT). The duration of the project was estimated at 30 months from the day of signing the contract. The project is financed by the Public Investment Program – co-financed part – as it is part of the NSRF 2014-2020 Operational Program “Eastern Macedonia & Thrace.

What is the vertical axis Drama-Kavala

The Vertical Axis “Serres – Drama – Kavala” (E-61) is part of the Greek Trans-European Road Network (Trans-European Axis 22 – Road network under design, Extended) and connects the Vertical Axis “Thessaloniki – Serres – Promahona” with Serres, Drama and Kavala and more widely with the Port of Kavala, ending at A/K Ag. Sylla on Egnatia Odos. The road section of E-61 from Drama to Kavala (section 61.5) is a new four-lane expressway with a cross-section of 17.0m along its longest length, which bypasses the settlements of Choristi, Agios Athanasios, Lydia, Krinides, Polystylo, Amygdaleonas and ends in A/K Ag. Sylla of Egnatia street.

What will be built?

In more detail, the construction concerns the road subsection “Agios Athanasios – Krinides” (61.5.2) from km position. 5+879 to km position. 8+700.00 and the road subsection “Krinides – Ag. Syllas” (61.5.3) from km position. 0+000 (identifies with km position. 8+700.00 of section 61.5.2) to km position. 5+440, including the entry-exit branches in the artery of the Krinido and Stavros junctions, so that the section will be functional after its closure, connecting to the existing “Drama – Kavala” and “Eleftheroupoli – Kavala” national roads.


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