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Infrastructure and Transport Ministry examines reopening of tramway from Neos Kosmos to Syntagma Sq.



The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport plans to reopen the closed section of Athens Tram from Neos Kosmos area to Syntagma Sq. It is reminded that the aforementioned section has been inactive since last October, when serious cracks were discovered in the undergrounded Ilissos riverbed, in a length of approximately 2 km along with the tramway.

According to well-informed sources, Attiko Metro SA knows how to solve the problem which is deemed to be of minor importance, allowing even the Tram to operate again soon.

The same sources consider the decision for the closure of the tramway section “irresponsible” adding that the Tram must be put soon back into operation as this service disruption brings a serious weakening for the means of fixed-rail transport, in its most central part, consequently endangering the prospects for future expansions of the network to Panepistimiou and Patission Avenues.

The reasons for the closure of the tramway section

In mid-October last year, as it had been ordered by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the tramway suspended its operation from Kasomouli station (Neos Kosmos) to Syntagma Sq., following the findings for serious erosion problems in the subsoil of the line.


However, while the Tram section was decided to close, this was not the case with the roads within the area. There were even rumors for the shifting of the line towards Syngrou Ave. as well as the entire removal of the section. Tram stops that still remain out of order are Syngrou Fix, Neos Kosmos, Zappeion and Syntagma Sq.



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