A new generation and new major infrastructure projects are being advanced and maturing to eventually be auctioned off in the future. Some of these projects are more mature and we may see them being auctioned in the coming months, while others may need even several years to reach the leading stage for implementation. Overall, over 15 major projects are in different stages of maturation, and today we will look at some of these projects, the most significant ones.

These are significant projects involving new important infrastructure. Specifically, they include the dual regeneration project of the Botanical area, Phase B of the redevelopment of Faliro Bay, expansions of the Athens and Thessaloniki Metro systems, railway projects, urban developments, and more.

The dual regeneration project of the Botanical area

Perhaps it is the most advanced among all the maturing projects. Currently, we are in the phase of tendering for the infrastructure and redevelopment works. The contracting authority is the Municipality of Athens. The cost of the project amounts to approximately 75 million euros and is covered by the Recovery Fund.

The infrastructure projects will involve the creation of roads, sidewalks, bike lanes, public spaces, and green areas, along with establishing necessary networks for drainage, water supply, electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, and more. Through their development, a radical upgrade of the Botanical area is expected. Currently, despite being only 2.5 kilometers away from the center of Athens, this area often exhibits a third-world appearance in many instances.

Extensions of the Athens Metro

The project to extend Metro Line 2 towards Ilioupoli is currently in the bidding phase. Several extensions to the Athens Metro network are under consideration by Attiko Metro. In the southern suburbs, there is the maturation of the extension of Line 2 from Elliniko to Glyfada, as well as a new branch of Line 1 from Thissio to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center.

In the northern suburbs, there are plans for extending Line 4 from Goudi to Marousi and subsequently to the Attiki Odos, as well as extending Line 1 from Kifisia to Varybobi. In the western suburbs, in addition to extending Line 2 from Agios Nikolaos (Ilioupoli), there are plans for another extension to Ano Liosia and subsequently to Menidi.

Additionally, there are plans to extend Line 4 from Alsos Veikou to Petroupoli and to create a new branch from Evangelismos to Dafni. These specific projects require over 3 billion euros, so their implementation timeline will be prioritized, and we can expect to see them gradually move towards construction over the coming years, depending on the available financial resources.

Extensions of the Thessaloniki Metro

Attiko Metro is also considering two expansions of the Thessaloniki Metro. Following the operation of both the main line and the line towards Kalamaria, the door will open for the implementation of the extension to the northwest of the city and towards “Macedonia” Airport. These two expansions will require over 1.2 billion euros and will need to undergo detailed studies to advance to a construction phase. It appears that the expansion to the northwest is moving closer to implementation.

Extensions of Attiki Odos

Here we have three extensions under consideration. The Urban Tunnel of Ilioupoli, which will connect Katechaki Avenue with Vouliagmenis Avenue and Elliniko, reducing travel time by approximately 10 minutes. A Preliminary Proposal has already been made by a consortium of companies; however, decisions still need to be made by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

Studies for the Ilioupoli Tunnel are progressing specifically by Lamda Development, as there is a memorandum of cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. These are projects of significant commercial and traffic value that will engage us in the near future. Their cost exceeds 1 billion euros, and their implementation will effectively connect the satellite ports of Attica (Rafina and Lavrio) while also covering the area of Elliniko.

Phase B of the Faliron Bay Redevelopment.

This project is considered crucial for completing the works that began in 2017 for the redevelopment of the Faliron Bay. It essentially complements the large donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center, with Phase A nearing completion. The new project involves transforming the coastal area into a waterfront park extending from the Peace and Friendship Stadium to Flisvos. The cost is estimated at around 250 million euros and has been included in the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) 2021-2027.

The project involves the comprehensive redevelopment of the Faliro Front and includes the creation of a Metropolitan Park, environmental infrastructure installations, landscape design, and planting across an area of 536 acres. It also encompasses underground parking facilities covering 30,930 square meters, as well as port works such as piers, islets, and beach landscaping that complement the overall redevelopment along the waterfront and more.

PYRKAL Government Park

This is about a project concerning the relocation of 9 ministries and other agencies to the old facilities of PYRKAL in the area of the Municipality of Dafni-Ymittos. The tender is planned to be launched in 2024 with an estimated cost of around 250 million euros. To reach the tender stage, the overall plan needs to mature, and approval from the Ministry of Environment and Energy will need to be obtained, while the Municipality of Athens has also requested consultation.

This is an area of 154.9 acres occupied by 93 facilities (91 of which are buildings) with a total coverage of 68,084.95 square meters and a total building area of 88,670.7 square meters. Out of the current buildings, 47,704 square meters will be preserved, covering an area of approximately 27.7 acres.

What other major projects of the new generation are being planned?

In the coming years, the implementation of other significant infrastructure projects is also planned, such as the “haunted” project for the new KTEL station in Elaiona, railway projects like electrification on the Thessaloniki-Promachonas section, the upgrade of the SKA-Oini area, the new Gkono Freight Center, the new Transport Companies Park in Fili, and more.

Moreover, other projects are also being prepared for public-private partnerships (PPPs), such as the Crete Courthouses which are already under tender, the Lefkada underwater tunnel, the redevelopment of the Thessaloniki International Fair (DETH), and others.

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