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Grosch: European Commission positive to fund future extensions of Thessaloniki Metro



Matthiew Grosch (Member of the European Commission in DG Move Directorate of DG Move and the team of Transport Commissioner, Violeta Bulc), rewarded the construction of Thessaloniki Metr with a great thumbs-up.

“Thessaloniki Metro is an excellent example of how it is possible, through the collaboration of different bodies, to combine technology for a modern transportation project with culture, ecology and environmental protection”, Mr. Grosch said to Attiko Metro’s Chairman, Prof. Yannis Mylopoulos, revealing also the very important news that Metro extensions to the West and the Airport, with an estimated cost of 1.3bn euros, will be eligible for funding in the next NSRF period (2021-2027).

Mr Grosch’s positive statements came just one day after European Commission’s announcement regarding the financing of transportation projects after 2020 with 30bn euros, through Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

Attiko Metro’s Chairman, Prof. Yannis Milopoulos, speaking at for this very positive development, said: “It is a very good moment for the Metro projects, but also for infrastructure projects in the country in general, as Mr M. Grosch, after his visit to the construction works in Thessaloniki, admitted that Greece is an excellent example to be imitated, given the fact that Metro projects are now moving fast and ensure sustainable growth on an economic, social, environmental and civilian level, although, until the recent past, seemed to be facing insuperable difficulties.”

What was particularly important in Mer. Crosch’s statements is that a window, for financing future projects in the country, has been opened, acknowledging Greece’s ability to absorb funds in order to implement large-scale and complex infrastructure projects, despite the fact that resources will be reduced, due to Brexit.

Our answer to his observation that Greece must submit mature studies in order to secure funds, our answer is that after the great progress of the projects in 2016-2018, the country has learned a lot and has demonstrated that it can carry out studies and build projects, as well as absorbing investments and community funds in a productive way.



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