The plan for the Government Park on the property where PYRKAL was established, in the Dafni-Ymitto area, is taking a step forward. Yesterday, as it became known, the Government Committee for Contracts of Strategic Importance met where it was decided to build and operate the Government Park at the premises of the former PYRKAL factory through PPP.

The project will be implemented by the Ministry of Development and Investments, which is leading the effort. In a post on Facebook, the deputy Minister of Development, Nikos Papathanasis, announced the positive proposal, noting that he referred to the benefits of the implementation through PPP “but also the advantages of the project itself for the public administration and the wider region of Attica”.

The tender is planned to go live in early 2023 with the cost initially estimated at around €250 million. According to earlier estimates, the transportation of the ministries that currently use 127 buildings can reach 40 million euros per year. In order to reach the tender, the overall plan will need to be matured and the approval of the Environmental Study received from the Ministry of the Interior.

A Green project

According to the post of Mr. Papathanasis, the completion of the project promotes the upgrading of the working environment of public officials, the interoperability of services while saving revenue for the public coffers. It is also noted that 120 acres of greenery and public use areas will be delivered to the residents of the Municipality of Dafni-Ymittos.

Let us recall that last July a Strategic Environmental Impact Study (SES) was put out for consultation. The ministries planned to be transferred are: Ministries of Finance, Development and Investments, Environment and Energy, Labor and Social Affairs, Rural Development and Food, Health, Tourism, Culture and Sports, Interior. The same applies to bodies such as AADE, EESYP SA, HRADF, ETAD SA.

A major demand in the area is access by means of a fixed track, as it is being considered to direct the branch of line 4, from Evangelismos to the PYRKAL property, to the “Andreas Lentakis” Government Park in order to serve the area. In this way, it will be possible to ensure the smooth daily movement of thousands of employees in the area.

How will the area be transformed?

It is an area of ​​154.9 acres occupied by 93 facilities (91 of them buildings) with a total coverage of 68,084.95 sq.m. and building 88,670.7 sq.m. Of the current buildings, 47,704 square meters will be preserved, covering an area of ​​approximately 27.7 acres

With the development proposal, the number of buildings will reach 30, of which 5 are new buildings, while the remaining 25 are preserved and protected.

The total coverage will amount to 45,257 sq.m. and the total construction in 148,704 sq.m. of which 98,000 will concern the 5 new buildings.

New construction 98,000 sq.m. with a total additional coverage of approximately 17.6 acres.

As mentioned, the new buildings must keep a distance of more than 20 meters from the boundary of the property-property. This zone aims to eliminate the current situation of the visual and functional barrier due to the existence of the perimeter wall.

In all the buildings, two underground parking spaces with a total capacity of 2,000 spaces are planned to cover the parking needs for the new functions in combination with the upgrading of the area’s transport connections (direct underground connection to “Dafni” station, increase of bus lines that pass through the operation area).

These areas can also be developed under public and free urban green spaces, but not under preserved buildings for their protection.

Finally, within the common areas and also within the Free Urban Green Space, there are and are preserved buildings of significant architectural footprint and interest that will be used for community service activities, places for public gatherings and daily services.


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