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Greece: Which projects are expected to operate by August 2017

Νίκος Καραγιάννης



Quite a few major projects are due by this August. More motorway sections will be incorporated in the network and become a part of our lives after many years of construction works. has compiled a list with the most important projects that are expected to be released in a few months’ time.

We remind you that Olympia Motorway, Aegean Motorway as well as considerable sections of Ionian Motorway are already in operation while the rest of it and E65’s part between Ksiniada and Trikala will become available soon.

Even sooner though, we expect the completion of Chania Airport and “Aghios Andreas” Hospital (in Patras) upgrade works. In early summer, Stage B’ railway works in Thriassion Logistics Center, the electrification of the railway lines between Athens and Piraeus and Tithorea to Lianokladi will be concluded as well. In Attica region, the PPP project regarding 24 new school units (some of which have been already completed) will be also finishing.

In the North, we expect the operation of 2 more vertical axes connecting Egnatia Motorway to the country’s borderline (Siatista-Kristallopighi and Thessaloniki-Promachonas). Additional road-related projects due to be delivered by August are between Ardanio-Ormenio (towards the northeastern borders of Greece) and Moudania-Potidea in Chalkidiki area. Finally, another important project, under completion, with environmental interest would be the new, Waste Treatment Plan in Kozani.



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