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Greece’s unexpected projects that emerged in 2017



Through our daily reports, here at, we are in a persevering quest to bring to light new projects that are being planned and prepared by various implementing entities all over Greece, starting from the Ministry of Infrastructure, regional authorities and other organizations. Day after day, we try to give reliable information about new large-scale projects that the country’s construction sector longs for.

Many of these projects are expected while others have surfaced completely “out of the blue” as new generation projects. We have collected here the most important ones, whose implementation will start gradually from September 2017: 

– Lefkada island’s double road connection project with Amvrakia Motorway to Aktio and Vonitsa was the first project revealed in 2017 by Ypodomes. The project is budgeted at 42mn euros and and it is considered “mature” for auctioning.

In fact, the project stirred up protests from the Municipality of Agrinio, which demanded its freeze, as it considered it responsible for the delay of the road connection project connecting the prefecture’s administrative capital with Ionian Motorway.

– The second project that we first talked about here was the complementary contract regarding the procurement of electromechanical equipment and trains for Thessaloniki Metro extension to Kalamaria area. This project is of course necessary for the operation of Kalamaria branch, nevertheless it will not be auctioned before 2018. Its cost is estimated at 120-150mn euros.

– A third project that you first found out at was the abandoned -for roughly 12 years- major road project of Western Attica, which resurfaced with funds secured from the regional authorities. More particularly, we are talking about the triple interchange in Skaramangas and the completion of Egaleo ring road at a cost of 45mn euros. Tender is expected to take place towards the end of the year or early 2018.

– The famous 3-km-long Sepolia Railway Tunnel was yet another first here at The project secured funding from CEF with 110mn euros and its auction will take place towards the end of 2017. It is considered to be one of the most important projects for the City of Athens as, after several decades, will signify the gradual removal of railway tracks from the surface and the redevelopment of the surrounding areas.

Finally, the Ministry of Infrastructure’s intention for the procurement of a new generation of anti-pollution (electric and natural gas-fuelled) buses in Athens and Thessaloniki, was first communicated here. The plan remains at an early stage though and we will probably have to wait for some time for more developments.

The season is opening in September and certainly, will be full of very interesting projects. Stay tuned to find out first, here at



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