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Greece’s top-20 projects that are now in auction – Which are the most prevalent



At a time when new projects are in demand for the construction industry, the country’s major projects that are currently in auction, are the ones that set the tone for the next day in the sector. These projects are going to offer employment and mobilize an extremely large chain around construction.

In this article, we will try to see the 20 largest projects under auction. What is very interesting is that in the following list motorways and the road projects in general continue to dominate. In the top-5 we have different types of infrastructure projects. Two out of five projects are road-related.

Interesting facts

The types of tenders in this top-20 are also interesting as we can see public projects, concession projects and PPPs and private projects. The largest private project on the list is the completion of Thessaloniki Port’s 6th Pier by ThPA while the largest PPP project is VOAK motorway section Hersonissos-Neapoli.

Another interesting fact is related to the types of the projects. For the first time, in the top-20 major projects under auction, we have, in addition to the “classic” types of projects (i.e. Metro, road, railway, etc.) others such as 3 building projects for student dormitories (in the Universities of Thrace, Thessaly and Crete), 2 anti-flood projects (in Eschatia and Erasinou torrents), energy projects, 2 waste treatment units in Crete as well as sewerage networks.

This large “variety” of projects also shows us the prevailing trend, especially in the implementation of flood-control projects due to climate change. After all, the Ministry of Infrastructure recently signed an agreement with the EIB to finance 10 major projects of this kind.

Finally, the geography of these major works is also interesting. We see projects in Attica, Crete, Peloponnese, Central Macedonia, Western Greece, Thessaly, Central Greece and Thrace. Clearly, the “big winner” is the region of Crete with 5 major projects under auction.

The country’s top-20 major projects, under auction

1. Athens Metro Line 4 – 1.8bn euros (Public project)

2. VOAK Motorway in Crete – 1.46bn euros (Concession project/PPP project)

3. Subsea road link Salamis-Perama – estimated at 400m euros (Concession project)

4. Kalamata-Pylos-Methoni motorway – 200m euros (PPP project)

5. Student Dorms for the University of Crete – 255m euros (PPP project)

6. Completion of Thessaloniki Port 6th Pier – 170m euros (Private project)

7. Amvrakia Motorway “sweep contract”, 150m euros (Public project)

8. Student Dorms for the University of Thrace – 107m euros (PPP project)

9. Student Dorms for the University of Thessaly – 105m euros (PPP project)

10. Flood protection of Eschatia torrent, Efpyridon-Parnithos Ave. section – 86.2m euros (Public project)

11. Sewerage networks in Spata-Artemida, Attica – 86m euros (Public project)

12. Sewerage  networks in Rafina-Pikermi, Attica – 79m euros (Public project)

13. Electrification of Kiato-Rododafni railway section – 83m euros (Public project)

14. Pallini Sewerage Network 71.9 million euros (Public Project)

15. Waste treatment unit of Hersonissos, Crete – 57.3m euros (Public project)

16. Signaling-electrification works on Paleofarsalos-Kalampaka railway section – 54m euros (Public project)

17. Amari Waste treatment plant – 48.8m euros (Public project)

18. Flood-defence works at Erasinou torrent, Attica – 48.6m euros (Public project)

19. Preliminary Works for Athens Metro Line 4 – 48.2m euros (Public project)

20. Double  road connection of Lefkada island with Amvrakia Motorway – 48.1m euros (Public project)




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