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Greece’s next generation infrastructure projects that are due to begin



The approval of the funding for Patra – Pyrgos Motorway can be regarded as the most important event at this time. The long-anticipated project is heading to its implementation and if there are no other delays in the way, the construction stage could start in the second half of the year.The initiation of the tender for the construction of Crete’s Northern Motorway Axis (aka VOAK) in August is also a very encouraging sign due to the necessity of the project.

After that, we are proceeding to the next pending major projects such as Kasteli Airport, E65’s southern section (Lamia-Xyniada) and the new section of Thriassion Plain Logistics Park. All the above are likely to enter their construction phase until Fall. Regarding the first project, Kasteli Airport (TERNA-GMR J/V), as long as we do not have any delays at the Court of Auditors, then the project could start by the end of the year.

For E65’s southern section, Lamia-Xyniada (TERNA), once the contract is finalized and approved by the services of the European Commission, then we will proceed to construction with shorter procedures. However, in this case, time schedule is somewhat more unclear as detailed information about the road have been requested. A first estimate is that the project could start during the Summer.

Finally, we are just one step away from the signing of the contract for the country’s first Logistics Park in Thriassion Plain(ETBA – VIPE – Goldair J/V) in Western Attica. The interest is also focused on the maturation of 4 additional competitions. The first one concerns the construction of the new Athens Metro Line 4, by Attico Metro SA. The contractor could be decided in 2019.

The second project is Sepolia Underground Railway Tunnel (implementing entity: ERGOSE SA, contractor: INTRAKAT), for which everything indicates that signatures will be completed during the Summer and a second project by ERGOSE concerning the electrification of Kiato-Rododafni section (contractor: AKTOR) in Northern Peloponnese, expected to be signed until end of the year.

The fourth project is the so-called “sweep contract” by the Ministry of Infrastructure for the completion of Amvrakia Motorway (contractor: TERNA-AKTOR J/V) where construction works are expected to begin towards the end of 2018.

All in all, this is how 2018 is expected to roll, while there are several works in the queue such as the electrification of Paleoparsalos-Kalambaka and Larissa-Volos railway lines in Thessaly, the procurement of new trains for Thessaloniki Metro and the precursory works for Athens Metro Line 4 as well as the extensions of Thessaloniki Metro to the West.

Other important road projects lining up are also the northern section of E65 Motorway in Thessaly (Trikala – Grevena / connection with Egnatia Motorway) and Chalkida Road Detour in Evia island (Central Greece Region).



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