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Greece’s new motorways to be released in the following days



We are just a few days away from the new 4 motorways’ release to traffic. According to Infrastructure Ministry officials, on March 31st all pending works must be concluded and on April 1st, drivers should be able to access the new motorway axes.

Aegean Motorway is already set for the “big fiesta”. Safe information provided at suggest that the most probable date for the new sections’ ribbon cutting will be on April 3rd. On April 1st, the long desired, Tempi Detour will go operational along with the 3 long tunnels, one of which the longest in the Balkans with a length of 6km.

Next in line will be Olympia Motorway. On April 1st, the road must be operational and, based on our report, it will be indeed. The inauguration ceremony will take place a few days later, either on the 12th or the 13th of April.  As, apart from the Infrastructure Minister and the Transportation General Secretary, PM, Mr. Alexis Tsipras will be also attending the ceremonies, slight changes could be possible depending on his schedule.

Ionian Motorway’s construction works are at full throttle aiming for the completion of the 33-km-long section between Gravrolimni and Kefalovriso as well as the first 10 km between Antirrion and Gavrolimni, before Easter time. Another 27 km will remain under construction both in the middle of the motorway (Amfilochia-Aghios Dimitrios Artas) and at its northern end (Perdika-Kosmira) as small sections are obstructing their finalization.

Finally, E65, apart from the first 10-15 km, the rest of the road will be released on April 1st (65-70 km). The ribbon cutting ceremony for E65 Motorway will take place in the end of April. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to find out the traffic figures of the new road as the existing network is excellent as well. By the Summer 2017, with the overall completion of Ksyniada-Trikala section, Domokos Detour will go operational as well, providing a safer passage for the drivers and reducing time distance by 15 minutes.



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