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Greece’s future large-scale motorway projects



Infrastructure Ministry, as we are now approaching the country’s new motorway network’s release countdown, is already planning the next step. The motorways’ next generation projects will be either vertical axes on the existing (or soon to be released) network or brand new designs.

These large-scale projects with an estimated cost of 2.9bn euros represent the Ministry’s ambition to reinforce Greece’s motorway network, which, when it will become fully operational, will be one of the densest and longest in Europe (in proportion to the country’s extent and population).

Below, gives you an overview of the most important future projects:

Lamia-Ksiniada section (E65 Motorway)

Cost: 300mn euros. It the most “mature” among all future projects. This road section is E65’s southern part and will be connecting the Motorway directly to Athens-Thessaloniki axis. It has a length of 32.5 km, has been already approved by Brussels and in 2017 will be entering its construction stage.

Trikala-Egnatia section (E65 Motorway)

Cost: 400mn euros. The northern end of E65 Motorway with a length of 62 km. The project’s environmental terms have been approved and now, negotiations are underway with EIB regarding its funding. If everything goes well, we might see its implementation from 2018. TERNA is the contractor.

Ioannina-Kakavia Road

Cost: 300mn euros. Ionian Motorway’s “natural” extension to the Albanian border with a length of 60km. For the time being, funds are being sought from EIB. The project is quite mature in terms of studies as well, but it is, possibly, quite early for its tender.

Chania-Heraklion section (“VOAK” Motorway)

Cost: 1.1bn euros. A project that belongs to Crete’s Northern Motorway Axis (aka “VOAK”) and concerns its core section that connects the island’s three major cities (Chania-Rethimnon-Heraklion). Negotiation with EIB are underway for its funding. The tender will be including the project’s concession and will be, quite likely, start by the end of 2017.

Patra-Pyrgos Road

Cost: 450mn euros. The natural extension of Olympia Motorway to the south, with a length of 75km. Tenders have already started (4 have already been completed) and by the end of the year construction works are expected to start. In terms of funding, the project has secured funds from NSRF 2014-2020.

Chalkida Detour

Cost: 180mn euros. It is a dubious project for the construction of a18-km-long Detour that will be serving Chalkida town. A motorway axis that will be extending along Evia island remains a dream. Nevertheless, we might to show patience for Chalkida Detour too.

Aktio-Amvrakia Road

Cost: 165mn euros. A “sweep” project aiming for the completion of Amvrakia Motorway, with a length of 48.5km. In terms of funding, it is fully covered by NSRF 2014-2020. If the bids take place in 2017, construction works will possibly start in 2018.

Lefkada Island’s double connection with Amvrakia Motorway

Cost: 45mn euros. It concerns the double road connection of Lefkada Island with Amvrakia Motorway. The project is already under construction and funding-wise has been covered by NSRF 2014-2020.


Cost: 80mn euros. Yet another one vertical road axis to Egnatia Motorway that reaches the Greek-Bulgarian border. Inconspicuously, a tender a road’s sub-section is being prepared for bids but is still very early for its implementation stage.



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