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Greece’s 7+3 large-scale projects for the next decade



Discourse for the country’s next-generation, large-scale projects has started and doesn”t seem to satisfy the domestic technical sector. Athens Metro Line 4, Crete’s Northern Motorway Axis (aka VOAK), E65 Motorway’s Southern and Northern sections, Salamina-Perama Underwater Road Tunnel and the completion of Patra-Athens-Thessaloniki-Borders railway corridor comprise, so far, the “main menu”.

However, as we approach the dawn of the new decade, more projects begin to be discussed. From this “tank”, as it is usual, the “luckiest” ones will be finally implemented, at least in shorter times.

In this context, has gathered a number of railway and Metro projects along with some unexpected ones. It is noted that, for the time being, these projects are maquettes. If they are promoted and find funding in the future, they will indeed keep us busy over the forthcoming 2020s.

Let’s see the Top-10:

Sea2Sea (roughly 2.5bn euros)

The most important intervention would be the construction of a new single-track, electrified railway line connecting Thessaloniki, Kavala and Ksanthi. The implementation of the project is expected after 2021.

Athens Metro Line 4 extensions (roughly 2bn euros)

Three extensions are in queue, that will probably seek funds from NSRF 2021-2027.

Attiki Motorway extensions (roughly 1.5bn euros)

Studies for multiple extensions, among which Katechaki-Vouliagmeni Road Tunnel, are underway. However developments are expected after 2020.

Thessaloniki Metro extensions (roughly 1.3bn euros)

Precursory works regarding the extensions that will conclude Phase A’ of the Thessaloniki Metro’s development have already been announced. It is quite likely that it will be the first project to be included in NSRF 2021-2027.

Athens Alive (roughly 1.1bn euros)

It is an ambitious project proposal that concerns the transformation of Athens Olympic Complex into a new “City”. 

Athens International Airport Terminal extension (roughly 300-500mln euros)

Following the ever-increasing passenger traffic, the extension is due to be implemented until 2020.

Athens – Crete electrical interconnection (roughly 1.1bn euros)

A large-scale energy project, whose implementation will bring new potential for the penetration of renewables in Crete island, changing the domestic and regional energy map. With the resolution of current setbacks, tender could come out next year.

Attica’s Northern Road and Railway Detour (roughly 1bn euros)

An old project proposal that is likely to re-emerge, given the development of the logistics sector in the region, connecting the areas of Aspropyrgos and Thiva.

Athens Metro Line 2 extension to Ilion (roughly 350mln euros)

A “mature” project that will bring 3 new Metro stations in the Western Suburbs but has to wait for the implementation of the prioritized Line 4, at this point.

Ionian Motorway extension to Kakavia (at least 340mln euros)

Proposals for the implementation of the project as an extension of the current concession are on the table. More developments are expected in the future.



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