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Greece’s 10 largest project tenders for 2018



A suffocation is still present in the constructions sector, as new-generation public projects remain in the wait. However, the good news is that a number of projects is currently in the queue for auctioning, quite shortly, a development that is expected to relieve the market considerably. 

Today,, has gathered for you the 10 largest construction projects that are going to be auctioned in 2018, at least according to official announcements made for them. These are:

1. Crete’s Nortern Motorway Axis (VOAK): The largest and most expected major project, Crete’s Motorway, with 1.8bn euros, will attract the interest of all big technical groups in the country and from abroad. Auctioning is expected from the beginning of 2018 and a moderate prediction for its construction phase puts the initiation of its works in 2020.

2. Crete’s electrical interconnection: A major project costing 360mln euros is expected to be auctioned over the next few weeks. The so-called “small” interconnection will connect Peloponnese with Crete, joining the large island with the country’s mainland grid.

3. Chalkida Road Detour: At a cost of 200mln euros, it will be one of the largest new public works in the country. Funded by EIB, it is expected to be auctioned sometime in 2018.

4. Completion of Amvrakia Motorway: The contract that will end the “haunted” project that has started in 2010 but till now has not delivered a single kilometer of operational road. The cost is about 160mln euros and the auction has been expected a long time now.

5. Signalling systems and trains procurement for Thessaloniki Metro (Kalamaria Branch). This is a dual contract, including both trains procurement and signaling systems’ installation at a cost of about 150mln euros. Two separate tenders will take place during this year.

6. New Cruise Pier in Piraeus Port: This large port project, costing about 140mln euros, will upgrade Piraeus as a major cruise center, facilitating access to bigger cruise ships. The project is funded by NSRF and the auction is expected during this year.

7. Completion of Rododafni-Psathopyrgos railway section: At a cost of 90mln euros, it includes superstructure works, electrification and signaling systems installations as well as stations’ construction. The project’s tender is very likely to come out in 2018.

8. Faleron Bay restoration-Creation of a new Metropolitan Park: One of the “fresh” projects with a cost of 90mln euros. It will be auctioned in 2018 and will complete the major restoration project with the transformation of the area into a green and recreational space for the citizens of the capital.

9. Electrification of Larissa-Volos railway section: This is a 75-million-euro project that will bring electrification at the Port of Volos. The tender will come out in 2018.

10. Skaramangas Triple Interchange: A project costing 50mln euros, which is expected to be auctioned in 2018. It promises to solve once and for all the daily traffic congestion on the road to Aspropirgos and the motorway to Corinth.



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