Georgiadis: Construction works in Elliniko to commence by early 2020

The developments on the investment in Elliniko were commented earlier by the Minister of Growth and Investments, Mr. Adonis Georgiadis at a European Conference, saying that “it is the most emblematic of all investments” and not only is it unblocked but following a tight schedule allowing by the end of the year the property to be transferred and the construction works to commence by the beginning of the new year.

“We have unblocked everything”

The Minister noted that the same applies to other projects. “In the first month of 2020 the tender for Skaramanga Shipyards will be launched, the tender for El.Venizelos 30% stake is already underway, the tender for ELVO is being prepared, and whatever tender has been planned for marinas, ports and large properties will be announced as soon as possible because Greece has no time to lose.”

“There shouldn’t be worries about reforms not going forward and I am sure the only concern would be whether they will happen quickly enough, at least half of the 25% of GDP loss can be covered in four years, that is to have growth rates close to 4% during the next one to one and a half years”, Mr. Georgiadis added.

“We will make sure that we create a modern, transparent, equitable, fast and flexible business environment that will allow entrepreneurs to work”, Mr. Georgiadis concluded.