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Gate opens for 2-year extension of Attica Motorway’s concession contract



Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport considers a 2-year extension of Attiki Motorway’s concession. It is the first time that the possibilitiy for such scenario to actually happen in increased, especially in a concession that has been described as the most profitable in the country. It is noted that the current contract, is set to expire in 2024.

As it has been explained, the extension of the contract will serve a double goal; on the one hand the concessionaire will undertake all necessary studies for the implementation of Attiki Motorway’s extensions and, on the other hand, valuable time will be saved both for their maturation and funding arrangements .

As outlined, in this way, tenders for the road and railway extensions of Attiki Motorway to the Port of Lavrio and Rafina (via Airport), the urban Katechaki-Vouliagmeni tunnel as well as the extension of Kymis Ave. will be facilitated significantly.

The concessionaire, has already signed a memorandum of understanding for the reduction of the environmental impact and the improvement of traffic conditions in the operational sections of Attiki Motorway, as well as:

– The extension of the Hymettus Western Ring Road to Rafina

– The extension of Suburban Railway to Rafina and Lavrio

– The construction of a road connection between the Airport andRafina

– The upgrading of Stavros-Lavrio road connection


– The creation of a transit station at Koropi Railway Station

– Complementary works at the interchanges of Metamorfosi and Leontari

– Complementary works at Lavrio Port

What has not been clarified yet, is how funds are going to be secured for a project “bundle” that exceeds 1.5bn euros. Nevertheles, it is certain that it will go up in the infrastructure agenda, in the coming years.



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