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Future infrastructure projects of immense value for Greece

Νίκος Καραγιάννης



Quite often we refer to future projects that are going to be in the spotlight sooner or later. The list is always changing and we always have to keep an eye for adding or removing projects from it. But, what do we really know about these “future projects”?

The new generation of infrastructure projects are set to start after 2020 and be in the epicentre for the years to come. Given the dire state of the country’s economy these years, they tend to pass relatively unnoticed as they are not really advertised but they truly signify the future of our infrastructure.

Extensive restorations

Unacceptable mistakes regarding urban planning in the past decades in many cities all over Greece resulted in the formation of congested and dysfunctional urban grids. Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Heraklion, Larissa constitute amazing opportunities for extensive restoration projects that will upgrade the residents’ quality of life considerably. In Athens, Faleron Bay, Hellinikon and the historic center are 3 flagship projects whose implementation is set for the following years.


It is known that Greece is blessed in terms of terrain and climate; sunshine almost all year round, mountains, islands, a long coastline outline the vast potential of the country regarding its energy efficiency and its possibility to even export energy to other European countries.  

Oil and natural gas

With considerable mobility regarding the utilization of the country’s oil fields and natural gas reserves lying deep in Aegean and Ionian Seas, there could be light in the end of the tunnel for the desirable economic re-invigoration.

Greece: an emerging hub for road and train transportation

Greece has always been the crossroad of 3 continents; Railway projects will take advantage of it as they will be the country’s next focal point. Over the next years, the upgrade and electrification of the network in Macedonia and Thrace, Railway Egnatia and the transformation of the current network. A restoration of the network in Peloponnese is also planned thus boosting the development of a flourishing logistics sector both domestically and on a regional level.

Urban railway projects

In the forthcoming decade, Athens Metro is expected to grow significantly with the construction of Line 4, the completion of Lines 1 and 2 and the introduction of the studies for Line 5.

Thessaloniki Metro will see better days as well with important additions to Evosmos and Kordelio while a Tram network project is also quite likely. Suburban railway networks for both cities are going to expand with new lines and the extension of the existing ones.



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