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Future electronic tolling system to include the entirety of Greece’s motorway network



The international tender regarding the installation and operation of the new, electronic tolling system for the Greek motorways is proceeding. According to the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Christos Spirtzis, during an informal briefing for the journalists, on Tuesday, May 29th, the first stage (Expression of Interest) is almost completed and we will soon pass to the second stage, that includes the submission of technical and financial offers.

It is noted that the Expression of Interest took place on April 4th 2018. The project has attracted foreign companies with internationally recognized experience in the installation of similar systems as well as Greek companies which, through the formation of joint ventures, will enrich their know-how in these technologies.

The “alliances” formed are:

1. Actor – Intrakat – Intrasoft Inl – Autostrade (Italy)

2. Mytilineos – Nusz (Hungary)

3. Terna – Vinci – Kapsch Traffic Com (Germany)

4. OTE – T-Systems International GmbH (which is also a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom Group)

5. STRABAG – SkyToll (Slovenia)

What has also been clarified by the Minister’s briefing is that Egnatia Motorway will not be excluded from the new tolling system, despite the construction of “traditional” toll stations, at this time.

Answering a question by, Mr. Spirtzis said that the proportional charging system will be applied in all motorways, even those that have not been conceded, using as main examples the future major road projects of Western Greece: Patra-Pyrgos Motorway and Aktio-Amvrakia Motorway, for which a “sweep” contract that will complete the construction phase, has been recently announced.

The revenues collected from the new tolling system in the state-owned sections of the motorway network, will be kept in a common “moneybox”, managed by the motorway taxes company, in order to cover infrastructure maintenance costs. 



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