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Fourteen Regional Airports of Greece under transformation, five brand-new Terminals on the way



A very large investment started by Fraport Greece a year ago and is expected to last until 2021, for the upgrade of 14 Regional Airports with a cost of 415mln euros, promising to transform their image completely.

Out of these 14 Airports, new Terminals are scheduled for 5 of them and, more specifically, for Thessaloniki, Corfu, Kos, Mytilini and Kefalonia. In 5 other airports, Terminals are planned to be expanded in order to accommodate more passengers, shops, control rooms, etc. These are the airports of Aktio, Mykonos, Samos, Santorini and Skiathos. In the remaining 4, there will be a redevelopment of the existing spaces to increase their functionality. These are the airports of Kavala, Zakynthos, Chania and Rhodes. Also, a total of 15 runways are to be upgraded.

Traffic statistics

For the 14 Regional Airports, statistics show that there is a dynamic increase of more than 10% in 2017, as they connect Greece with 244 destinations from 44 countries and more than 27.5mln passengers. Of course, a key factor is the 121 airliners, flying to the 14 airports.

Passengers’ nationalities are also of interest; Greeks ranked first with 21.6%, followed by the British with 18.6% and Germans with 13.5%. These 3 countries represent more than 50% of the total passenger traffic. Italians follow with 6%, the Poles with 4.5%, the Dutch with 4.2%, the Swedes with 4.2%, the Russians with 3%, the Danes with 2.7%, the Norwegians with 2.5% %, the French with 2.4% and the Belgians with 2.1%.

What is impressive is that, up to now, in these 14 airports, 650 people are employed altogether, with a prospect of this number to increase significantly and the indirect employment to reach 14,000 jobs.

However, the increase in passenger traffic has also a positive effect on the Greek Economy as, according to the concession contract, the Greek State receives a one-time fee of 22,9mln euros each year, while after the end of the investment period, the State will be receiving the 28,5% of operating profit.



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