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Four large-scale projects nearing implementation stage



The disentaglement of 6 -out of 8- contracts for Patra-Pyrgos motorways has definitely been the most important event in the constructions sector this season. Construction works, after a lengthy pre-contractual period are finally about to start with the 2 remaining contracts waiting also to be unblocked due to the appeals that have to be resolved in court .

Additionally, contract for Kasteli Airport (contractor J/V TERNA-GMR), is expected to be ratified by the Greek Parliament soon, allowing the signing of the contract and the initiation of the construction phase as early as Spring.

In E65 Motorway’s southern section, i.e. Lamia-Ksyniada (contractor TERNA) the project’s construction phase was officially launched yesterday, with the presence of Infrastructure and Transport Minister, Mr. Christos Spirtzis. It is noted that the abovementioned projects are among the most discussed of the last three years.

Thriassion Freight Center construction phase is also expected in the near future (contractor ETVA VIPE – Goldair with Mytilineos as the constuctor), concerning the country’s first large Logistics Park.

Apart from these projects, the main focus will be now shifted to the maturation of Attiko Metro’s tender for the new Metro Line 4 in Athens. Dpending on the ongoing competition, we will be able to see how much time will be needed to declare a contractor for the 1.8bn-euro project, a development expected sometime in 2019.

Finally, the 4th project is ERGOSE’s Sepolia underground railway tinnel (contractor INTRAKAT), which was signed 2 months ago and is expected to be one of the most difficult construction projects of the forthcoming period.

Based on the above, 2019 will be a very interesting year in the construction sector. Furthermore, there are several auction coming up such as the electrification project in Paleofarsalos-Kalambaka and Larissa-Volos railway line, trains’ procurement for Thessaloniki Metro and the preliminary works for Athens Metro Line 4, the tender for Amvrakia Motorway and many other road-related projects such as E65’s northern section Trikala-Egnatia and Chalkida Bypass.



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