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Four contracts for Patras-Pyrgos motorway project, dissolved

Νίκος Καραγιάννης



Έργα οδοποιίας αυτοκινητοδρόμου

A decision by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport dissolved 4 already signed contracts for Patras-Pyrgos motorway project, on Friday, March 27. The decisions were announced officially as they were  posted on DIAVGEIA Gov’t website.

The dissolved contracts concern the sections:

– Amaliada-Duneika (Contract No 2)

– Sayeika-Varda (Contract Not 5)

– Kato Achaia-Sayeika Contract No 6)

– VIPE-Kato Achaia (Contract No 7)

The decision was made on the basis of the Ministry’s choice to proceed with the construction of Patras-Pyrgos motorway by append the 75 km axis to the concession of Olympia Odos.

According to the above decision, Olympia Odos has agreed to take over the new section with an 80m-euro funding. At the same time, approval by the European Commission (DG Comp) is expected in order for the updating of the concession to proceed.

It is reminded that regarding the 8th contract, the contractor has also been overturned. The companies that have signed the contracts are: Papaioannou Bros (contracts No 7 and 5 along with Xanthakis), INTRAKAT (contract No 2) and GD Infrastrutture (Contracts No 6 and 8).




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