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5 companies declared interest in the tender for the 13 new Civil Protection Centres



Five companies were present at the submission of interest for the large dual PPP project for the construction and management of 13 Regional Civil Protection Operations Centers. These are the BIG 5 of the area, that is, GEK TERNA, AKTOR, AVAX, MYTILINEOS and INTRAKAT.

The contracting authority is KTYP SA, a supervised body of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The project entitled “Study, financing, construction and technical management of 13 regional operational centers of civil protection (PEKEPP) through PPPs” was approved by the Interministerial PPP Committee on September 17, 2020.

This is a double tender with two clusters of buildings with a total cost of 163 million euros VAT (amount without VAT 131.5 million euros). The first cluster includes six Regional Civil Protection Operations Centers (PEKEPP) costing 60.7 million euros (excluding VAT) and the second seven PEKEPPs costing 70.8 million euros (excluding VAT). The 13 buildings will cover each of the 13 Regions of the country.

It is the first major tender of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for 2021 and is included in the plans of Costas Karamanlis for the further promotion of the implementation of emblematic projects in the country.

The Hellenic Ministry of Development and Investment will also have an active role in the project through the competent Deputy Minister of Development & Investment, Mr. Nikos Papathanasis, as in all PPP projects.

Interest in the continuation of the competition

After the completion of the expression of interest for both competitions, we will have to wait to see who will qualify for the next phase. In this second phase, a competitive dialogue will begin,  and with the participation of institutions, participants and the local community, the final physical and technical object of the project will be formed. In the final phase, interested parties will be invited to submit their binding offers.

The total duration of the project was set at 324 months of which 24 months have to with the construction and the remaining 300 months (25 years) with the operation and management. The project will be repaid with availability payments.

The role of the Operations Centers will be focused on the management of all the events that fall under the responsibilities of the Civil Protection and which are evolving in the 13 Regions of the country. They will be strategic points of reception and processing of all relevant information as well as decision-making centres and coordination of all stakeholders for the effective management and response of each event. In addition, the Regional Operational Centers will be central points of information and interaction of citizens with the institution and functions of Civil Protection, while they will permanently house its administrative functions.




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