European Commission remarks on delayed tenders of Greek major projects

Several tenders concerning major projects, among which Athens Metro Line 4, Patras-Pyrgos and Amvrakia Motorways, and the renewal of the Athens and Thessaloniki buses fleet are now… officialy running late according to the European Commission.

More pecifically in the “Transport and Logistics” section of the Commission’s report, it is noted that there are still significant delays in new projects, which makes the absorption of European funds difficult. There are also comments regarding the excessive discounts (which has been commenting on for at least 3 years) and the lack of capacity on the part of the contractors.

The report also focuses on the urgent need of Greece to start working on sustainable urban mobility plans, as they are a prerequisite for investments in urban transport centers.

Additionally, it is noted that there is not any progress so far on the accessibility of Thessaloniki port. According to the comments, while the recenly privatized port has great potential as a gateway to the Balkans and Eastern Europe,, its operation is seriously hampered by poor or non-existent rail and road connections.