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ERGOSE: in search of technical advisor for 3,5 bln euro new railway projects




The ambitious plan of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and ERGOSE for the promotion of six simultaneous large railway projects that will connect the ports with the country’s railway network is on the track of implementation.

With a decision of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, a tender of 74,000 euros (including VAT) begins to find a consultant who will be invited to provide his services for the technical support of six projects through the competitive dialogue process. These projects are:

1.Upgrading of an existing Railway Line in the section Alexandroupoli – Ormenio
2. New Railway Line Thessaloniki – Amfipoli – N. Karvali – Sagittarius
3. Railway connection of the 6th Port of Thessaloniki Port and construction of a Suburban Railway of Western Thessaloniki
4. Completion of the Railway Line Corinth – Patras in the section Rio – New Port of Patras
5. Expansion of the Athens Suburban Railway Network to Rafina and connection with Rafina Port
6. Expansion of the Suburban Railway Network of Athens to Lavrio and connection with “El. Venizelos “(Koropi) and the Port of Lavrio

It is to be reminded that last week from the podium of the Delphi Forum, the CEO of ERGOSE, Christos Vinis spoke about the intention to announce these projects within the summer.

The above railway connections are important projects planned for the completion of the national railway infrastructure and for this reason in the previous years has been prepared by ERGOSE SA and OSE SA a significant part of the necessary studies for their construction.

The largest project since 2005

Based on the available data, their total auction budget amounts to 3.46 billion euros. It is the largest package of projects that comes after the construction season of the country’s major highways in the 15 years 2005-2020.

These projects are expected to be activated through the tender process. The Contracting Authority is ERGOSE SA. The method of competitive dialogue was chosen as it is believed that this will ensure the technically sound construction with the most advantageous technical-economic solution, given the technical complexity and their increased requirements, as well as a significant shortening in their overall implementation time.

These projects are part of or interconnected with the ODM railway corridor of TEN, are included in the strategic planning of YPYME for the programming period 2021-2027, are public projects of strategic importance for the country that allow the connection of main ports with the rest of Southeast Europe.




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