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Eight contracts for Patra-Pyrgos Motorway to be reviewed by the Court of Auditors



The assessment of all 8 contracts for the construction of Patra-Pyrgos Motorway, the natural extension of Olympia Motorway, is underway at the Court of Auditors. According to well-informed sources of, all temporary underbidders that have been declared through the tendering process are still present.

This means that for the first 4 contracts we have Toksotis-Constructions Group, having renewed the participation guarantees, as well as DG Infrastrutture (contracts 6 & 8), Ksanthakis-Interkat for the 5th contract and Interkat for the 7th.

This important development takes us even closer to the completion of the pre-contractual period and the beginning of the construction stage, probably in the end of the year or early 2019. Also for the moment, secenarios regarding the replacement of the current contractors, at least until the signatures, seem to be refuted.

Once the audit is completed and approved, all 8 contracts will be ratified by the Greek Parliament and will be then signed in order for the 42-month construction period (as specified in the tender notice) to star, leading us to 2022 and the completion of the project.

Patra-Pyrgos Motorway is the largest public road project for 2014-2020 NSRF period with a budget of 293mln euros. Motorway’s total length, which is a part of the Pan-European Transport Network (TEN-T) is 75 km.

This project, funded by the EU, also includes complementary infrastructure projects such as bridges, crossings as well as access improvements from residential and rural areas to the main axis, with 130 km of new or upgraded dirt roads.



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