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Driverless trains for Thessaloniki Metro to arrive in Summer 2018

Νίκος Καραγιάννης



Works for Thessaloniki Metro are proceeding steadily causing an interest shift from the construction part to the actual operation of the Main Line, towards the end of 2020.

As Attiko Metro’s Chairman, Mr. G. Milopoulos told, the studies regarding trains’ procurement are in full progress with the Italians having started the production already. When ready, the trains will be featuring the latest technological advancements rendering Thessaloniki’s Metro rolling stock a major attraction and an element of vital importance for the line’s operation.

According to the arrangements of Attiko Metro, the first train will be arriving in Thessaloniki next summer and from then on, the rest of the 18 trains in total, will be received gradually. Trial operation is scheduled to start in 2019 along with the safety checks of the electromechanical equipment of the system.

The trains of Thessaloniki Metro will be assembled in Italy but will be of Japanese technology as the contractor Ansaldobreda has been acquired by Hitachi. That said, Attiko Metro believes that the combination of Italy and Japan, on a production level, is a guarantee for the smooth operation of the trains.

It is also reminded that the trains will be driverless with safety platform-gates that will be opening upon trains’ arrivals for maximum security of the passengers. As Mr. Milopoulos told “The project is now running on schedule, both for the Main Line and the branch to Kalamaria. The first TBM has started digging one of the branch’s 4.8 km-long twin tunnels, while in the Main Line tunnelling works are concluded leaving behind pending construction works and archaeological excavations, also under completion, that will allow the development of the construction site in Venizelos Station.

According to our schedule, the depot will be ready in the Summer of 2018 when the first super-modern, state-of-the-art train will be arriving, allowing us to proceed in the first trial itineraries on the Main Line.”

It is noteworthy that Thessaloniki is finally going to experience its first relief from the burdensome construction sites scattered around the city in 2018, after many years of blockage with considerable impact in the traffic conditions and the quality of transportation in general.



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