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Double tender for Northern Crete Motorway Axis to be launched on August 6



On August 6, the “battle” begins for Crete’s Northern Motorway Axis (aka VOAK). After the tender’s approval, dates for the bids, regarding the double project, were finally announced. 

It is reminded that the project is split in 2 separate competitions. The first concerns a concession agreement for the section between Chania and Hersonissos and the second for the section Hersonissos-Neapolis as a PPP project. As we have already mentioned, this double project is the largest new generation road project in the country, the second largest new project in general (second only to the construction of Athens Metro Line 4) and the largest new concession project (higher than Kasteli Airport in Heraklion and the Salamina Underwater Road Tunnel).

The costs have been estimated at around 1.1bn euros for the concession project and 359.6mln euros (VAT incl., excl. VAT: 290mln euros) for the PPP project.


The concession project starts from Chania Bypass -before Vamvakopoulos Interchange- ending 700 m. after the underpass in Kasteli Interchange, in the already constructed Gournes – Hersonissos section.

The duration of the concession is set at 25 years (or 300 months) from the signing of the contract. Based on the experience so far, a first estimate is that construction works could start by 2020. The competition will be conducted in 3 phases, as described in the Call.


The scope of the contract is the implementation of the PPP project for the 2nd road section (Hersonissos-Neapoli), while the repayment of the final amount will be made with availability payments from the Greek State for a period of 30 years (or 360 months), i.e. 5 years longer than the concession contract.

There is also a provision for the construction of the remaining section from Neapolis to Aghios Nikolaos, 14.2km long. The precise scope of the project and the conditions for the activation of the above-mentioned option, will be further specified in Phase B’ of the present competition.



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