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Design for Salamina island undersea road tunnel, finalized



One of the major new-generation projects that has been in the tendering process for many years, the underwater road tunnel, linking Salamina island and Perama (on the mainland), is just one step away from the process of its environmental licensing that will lead to its completion.

At this point, presents you the final form of the project. First of all, it must been said that its cost will reach 450m euros (excl. VAT) and that according to all available information from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, it is a fully funded project.

The ferry terminals of Salamina and Perama are connected on a 24-hour basis, daily, 12 months a year, every 15 minutes, making Salamina-Perama route, according to sources close to the case, the second busiest in Europe, after Dover-Calais, which connects Great Britain with France.

The final scope of the project

Today, consultation between several bodies, the Ministry and the participants has been completed, while the necessary approval has been obtained by the Archaeological Documentation Service.

The final step is the approval by the Hellenic Army General Staff (it will be sent in the next few days), since most of the route goes through an area that belongs to the Army administratively. Then the Environmental Impact Study will be sent for approval to the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

It is reminded that 3 contenders remain in the second stage of the tender: METKA, TERNA and VINCI CONCESSIONS – VINCI HIGHWAYS – AKTOR CONCESSIONS.

The final step will be the start of the third and final phase of the tender, which is the opening of the technical and financial bids that will lead us to the contract awards and signing of the concession contract that will allow the implementation of the project.

Regarding the scope of the project, what has found out is that the final solution involved the construction of a new axis of about 17km, starting in Schisto area ending at the town of Salamina. The length of the underwater section will be 1,1 km, ultimately reducing travel time between Salamina and the mainland of Attica to just 2-3 minutes.

On the side of Salamina, a road bypass will be constructed in order to relieve traffic congestion in its two most densely-populated areas.

This project is one of the priorities of the Government and the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Kostas Karamanlis, and is part of the 13b euro package that has been announced recently, being one of the Ministry’s strongest weapons for the restart of the economy and the construction industry.



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