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Council of State to decide on Athens Metro Line 4 tender



The deadline for the tender committee to respond to the objections of the two joint ventures that compete for the major construction project of Athens Metro Line 4, expired yesterday.

This, according to sources close to the subject, can be interpreted as a ‘tacit’ rejection.

However the thriller is expected to continue. In the coming days injuntions are expected to be submitted to CoS starting another waiting period of additional appeal.

“The Council of State is inevitable”, a person who closely monitors the process, commented and added that “it is the last ‘weapon’ for the two consortia to neutralize each other and get the contract.”

On the other hand, throughout the period ending with the court proceedings for the appeals, in theory, the tendering committee will still have the right to express its objections, and even if this is a highly unlikely scenario, it cannot be entirely ruled out.

The more time is spent, the more signatures for the major transportation project will be delayed.

On a tight schedule

Assuming that the trial will take place soon because of the importance of the case and the appeals submitted to the CoS will eventually be rejected (that is an optimistic scenario), then, as the source argues, the litigation of the tender will come to an end.

The next and decisive step will be the opening of the bids of J/V AKTOR-ANSALDOBREDA-HITACHI and J/V AVAX-GHELLA-ALSTOM.

Upon the opening of the offers, the underbidder will be decided, i.e. the one who has given the biggest discount.

Although AVAX technical offer has been achieved a better rating, the discount will the contract awards. Theoretically, this may have happened in the coming summer.

From there on, a race will begin to declare the scheme of the temporary bidder, the contract’s approval by the Court of Audit, its ratification by the Greek Parliament and finally its signing that will allow the launch of the construction period.



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