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13 billion euro new generation infrastructure projects to begin as of 2021



Yesterday afternoon, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Costas Karamanlis, spoke from the floor of the Parliament on the occasion of next year’s budget about the effort to reorganize the infrastructure and transport of Greece, but also about the bold plans for 2021.

Mr. Karamanlis referred to the three main objectives of his ministry:

1. Implementation of institutional interventions.
2. Infrastructure projects to be on the front line in 2021.
3.Best urban transport in Athens and Thessaloniki.

More specifically, he referred to the revision of law 4412/2016 and the introduction of a new model for the implementation of projects, the “innovation proposals”.

For the major projects, he stressed that a comprehensive project plan is ready throughout the country, totaling more than 13 billion euros that will start running in 2021.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport pointed out that they have unblocked five major flagship projects which will be implemented:

Line 4 of the Athens Metro. In 2021 we will see the first construction sites.
– The Thessaloniki Metro. The presence of the Metro and the antiquities with a horizon of completion in 2023 was chosen. ”Of course, some unrepentant people try to delay it by appealing to the SC. But they will also be responsible for any delays. “I firmly believe that we will be justified,” the minister said characteristically.
– Patras-Pyrgos
– The northern part of the E65, Trikala-Egnatia that completes the hitherto “blind axis”.
– Aktio-Amvrakia that was signed and the sweep contract with which begins a ghost project of 10 years.

Mr. Karamanlis also spoke about the new generation of projects being prepared at the ministry:

-The new railway projects amount to 3.3 billion euros. Works of the next 15 years. Environmentally friendly projects, which give the country the prospect of becoming an infrastructure hub in Southeastern Europe.

-Large flood protection projects.

-The new upgraded Thessaloniki Regional, the so-called Flyover. The planning for its implementation with PPP proceeded in record time. Last Monday, the expression of interest was completed.

-The extensions of Attiki Odos.


-The extension of line 2 of the Metro from Anthoupolis to Ilion. It is planned to be announced at the end of 2021.

– The new Road Safety Improvement Program that includes point interventions in 7,000 dangerous points across the country.

– A series of smaller or larger projects to upgrade airports, ports, interconnect our infrastructure and combined transport.

– The single transceiver on all highways, with the next goal the proportional mileage charge.

Part of the overall project program will be funded by the Recovery Fund. The proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs includes major road projects, water supply and flood control projects, projects for the redevelopment and upgrading of the road and railway network and projects for the upgrade of regional airports.

The three-axis plan for transport

Regarding public transport, the Minister of Foreign Affairs noted that they were in poor condition with less than 850 buses on the streets of Athens, 230 in Thessaloniki and 1/3 of the Metro trains at a standstill, while for 4.5 years not a single recruitment had taken place. Not a single bus was purchased, and it also stifled the tender for 50 buses, which was eventually canceled by the independent Preliminary Appeals Authority…

The transport restructuring plan is developed in 3 phases: Redistribution – Reinforcement – Renewal.

“We have reorganized the fleet of buses, so that as many buses as possible can go out on the road with some repairs. Today, there are 200 additional KTEL buses on the streets of Athens, in a total of 60 lines. In total we have an average of 1,100 more itineraries per day.

At the same time, we are proceeding with the tender for the supply of 300 modern buses with leasing. We are already in the evaluation phase.

While in Thessaloniki, from 230 buses on the road we have reached 400 and soon 550. And there with the reorganization of the fleet, partnership with KTEL, leasing, but also with the assistance of the Municipality “said concluding his speech Mr. Karamanlis.




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