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Contract for Kasteli Airport at the Court of Auditors



Declaration of Terna – GMR consortium as provisional contractor for the concession project of the New Airport in Jasteli (Heraklion, Crete) is now just a matter of days, according to the General Director of Transportation Projects of the Infrastructure Ministry, Mr. Giannis Karnesis.

As he noted, “the new airport of Kastelli is a special project. It is not the case of a “classic” public project, where there was a quick preparation but shortly after, during its implementation stage, problems would come up. The logic here is different.”

This project has a very long and demanding preparation until the concession, in order for its construction time to be reduced. A very thorough examination of the contract is required. In that sense, there is no particular delay. The time elapsed so far is normal for such project. “

According to the Ministry’s estimates, the first bulldozers will shpw up in early 2019 while the completion of the project is scheduled for 2023.

It is reminded that after the declaration of the consortium as the contractor, the contract must receive a “green light” by the Court of Auditors for its pre-contractual audit and then head to the Greek Parliament for ratification, after which it can finally be signed by both parties.



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