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Construction works for the underwater Perama-Salamina road link to commence in 2019



Competitive dialogue process is underway and in full progress for the underwater road link connecting Salamina and Perama in Attica region. According to information provided at, all 3 interested parties, METKA, TERNA, VINCI CONCESSIONS-VINCI HIGHWAYS-AKTOR CONCESSIONS have started finalizing their proposals.

According to the same information, the project design is expected to be crystallized till the end of the year along with its funding resources, its environmental licensing and other legal details that have to be sorted.

Environmental licensing is considered to be crucial as it will affect the budget and will define the overall needs of the project. When approved, the next stage would be the proposals’ submissions, roughly in the end of 2018. The construction stage is set to start in early 2019 and last for 4 years. Concession period seems to be agreed on 30 years.

Underwater Antiquities Ephorate and Infrastructure Ministry should cooperate efficiently as well as the presence of ancient findings below the seabed between Perama and Salamina is quite likely, especially in a region with long history dating back thousands of years.

The underwater road link is a project of increased importance, especially for the surrounding area, and it is estimated to serve several hundrends of thousands of vehicles annually. Ferry boats even though with less traffic, will continue to operate providing an alternative for the passengers, just like in the case of Rio-Antirrio Bridge, in Western Greece.

That said, it would be really interesting to see if there will be a Tram line as well connecting the island with the mainland, a thought that is in a very early stage though. Underwater road link between Perama and Salamina, Kasteli Airport, E65 Motorway, VOAK Motorway Axis in Crete and Athens Metro Line 4 are the so-called next generation projects of Greece.



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