Construction works for Sepolia Railway Tunnel to begin in early 2020

Construction works for Sepolia Railway Tunnel, the most important railway project currently in Attica Region, will commence in early 2020 as everything indicates. Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Kostas Karamanlis referred to the important project during the presentation of the new OSE and ERGOSE administrations, saying that it is one of his top priorities.

According to secure information of, the construction site has been occupied in its entirety and preliminary works are underway for the bypass of utility networks.

However, as it is noted, technical specifications that will allow the project to proceed are still pending since there has been a request for the tourist season to be completed first. According to the same sources the line is to be delivered to the consortium (i.e. INTRAKAT-SIDIRODROMIKA ERGA) in October.

Although the project has been signed since November 2018, little has been done so far because of the particularity of the projects and the need to keep the line with 2 operational tracks. An extension of 8 months has already been approved in the relevant project shedule.

Assuming the line will be given in time, it will take about 2.5 months for the line to become bidirectional and serve both directions. In the beginning of the new year it the construction site will be fully developed and after the completion of the bypass works, tunneling works for the first double-track tunnel will begin.

The big challenge during the construction period will be the operation of the single-track line that will serve all train traffic, to all directions. At the peak of the construction, 300 people are expected to work in the project.