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Construction works for E65 Motorway’s northern section to begin in 2021

Νίκος Καραγιάννης



Αυτοκινητόδρομος υπό κατασκευή (ε65)

Construction works for the northern section of Kentriki Odos -aka E65 Motorway- which connects Thessaly with Egnatia Motorway is expected to begin in 2021. With its construction, Epirus acquires easy and safe access to Central Greece. It is reminded that previously, the future of this section was uncertain as it hadn’t secured funding.

The good news came after the meeting betweem the Governor of Thessaly, Mr. Kostas Agorastos, the Minister of Infrastructure, Mr. Kostas Karamanlis and the Secretary General of the Ministry, Mr. George Karagiannis.

“The northern section of the E65 is about to become a reality. All necessary studies and negotiations with the European Commission have been completed. In a short time, the section that connects Trikala, Kalambaka and Meteora with Egnatia Motorway will begin to be implemented. It is a positive development for Thessaly, a development that creates conditions for development throughout the region. The northern section of the motorway will give access to Northern Greece, Epirus and Western Macedonia.

Additionally, it connects two of the largest ports in the country, Volos and Igoumenitsa. This is one of the largest growth projects in the country that changes the map in transport, trade, tourism and agricultural production”, said the Governor of Thessaly after the meeting with the Ministry of Infrastructure.

It is noted that the Governor of Thessaly had a close cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure on the issue of E65 Motorway, while with his intervention in the competent directorate of the European Commission DG Regio in cooperation with the Governor of Western Macedonia, Mr. George Kasapidis, but also with his letter to MEP, Mrs. Korina Kretsou asked for an acceleration of the approval procedures for the completion of the road, in its northern part, which is the most difficult.




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