With the recruitment of a Consultant, the process towards the concession tender of the 22 Regional Airports that are currently under the state umbrella officially begins. The Growthfund, according to information, is issuing a tender for the recruitment of a consultant who will essentially demonstrate in what environment the tender will be held.

The recruitment is estimated for the first quarter of 2023 and the duration is expected to be until the end of the year. Essentially, the consultant will take the tender up to the tender documents and it will be decided whether the project will run in one or more clusters. Let’s remember that in the previous competition concerning the 14 major regional airports, it was finally chosen to be divided into two clusters.

In the case of the 22 Regional Airports, this is difficult, points out an aviation executive, as here we do not have airports that present that passenger traffic that distinguishes them from some others. In this case, the airports serve a much smaller number of commercial flights with Naxos and Paros perhaps at the top of the list.

Airports: What are the little gems?

The tender will concern the utilization, upgrading, and concession of the operation of the airports of Alexandroupolis, Araxos, Astypalaia, Chios, Ioannina, Ikaria, Kalymnos, Karpathos, Kasos, Kozani, Kythira, Leros, Milos, Limnos, Nea Aghialos, Naxos, Paros, Sitia. , Skyros, Syros, Kastoria, and Kastellorizo.

The important thing in this case is that significant investments will be made in the above areas, increasing the touristic and economic profile of these areas. Another airport that seems to have significant potential is that of Ioannina, since in recent years it has managed to attract flights from Scandinavia, Central Europe and Israel.

The main motivation in the Growthfund tender is to have a corresponding upgrade that creates a new environment in those airports that, with exceptions, have significant deficiencies in their infrastructure. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, for its part, has in recent years launched an important program to upgrade them.

Projects are underway or will start in 2023 in Chios, Naxos, Syros and Paros. This is an additional incentive for the prospective investor who will find the basis for further investments in these airports.

Extension to the tender for the airport in Kalamata

However, there were developments in the tender for the concession of the airport in Kalamata. As it became known, the tender was postponed to December 15th as there were many requests from interested investors.

Kalamata airport is a case study as it has shown an increase of 240% in a decade, focusing of course on Costa Navarino which has skyrocketed the tourist prestige of the whole of Messinia.

The tender

We should remember that the main objective of the Growthfund, through the concession of the Kalamata airport, is to upgrade, modernize and expand the infrastructure of the airport and especially the terminal. The expansion and upgrading of the infrastructure (terminal, aircraft parking area) is a necessary condition due to the rapid development of the airport.


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