A new era has officially begun for Alimos Marina, the largest marina in the Balkans, after the signing process that took place on Wednesday, May 13 for the Concession Agreement between the competent Ministers- Representatives of the Greek State, the Public Properties Company (ETAD), HRADF, AKTOR CONCESSIONS and the Concessionaire “DEVELOPMENT OF NEW ALIMOS MARINA”.

The Agreement foresees the concession for a period of 40 years -with the right of mutual extension for another 10 years- of Alimos Marina right of use, operation, management and development, representing a total investment of EUR 100 million with multiple added value.

With the completion of the signing process of the Concession Agreement, which was delayed due to the pandemic and was finally implemented via circulation of the documents, the Concessionaire, a subsidiary of AKTOR CONCESSIONS, undertakes the responsibility to reshape and regenerate the land and maritime areas, highlighting the comparative advantages of Alimos Marina.

Furthermore, through the implementation of the Development Plan of Alimos Marina, significant economic and social benefits will arise, in both local and national level. The upgrade of the added value of the services of the tourism sector, with synergies and partnerships with companies of related activities, will contribute significantly to the upgrade of Greece’s position in the international tourism market, but will also strengthen a number of financial indicators and factors in the wider region.

More specifically, the Development Plan provides the creation of a marina that will be a modern and attractive pole of leisure and business activity with upgraded, functional and outdoor spaces. In this new, multifaceted and protected environment, a series of business and recreational activities will be developed, with a set of options and services that will make Alimos Marina a point of reference for the “Athenian Riviera”, but also for the Mediterranean region.

In the land zone of the marina, that spans nearly across 210 acres, 18,000 sq.m. of modern design, upscale ground floor or up to two stories premises will be developed for recreation, dining, hospitality services, office spaces, boat parking and repair services, as well as for commercial use.

The surrounding area of the marina’s land zone will be landscaped in such a way so as to incorporate streets, pedestrian lanes, bicycle paths, parking spaces, as well as green areas to host outdoor cultural events for the visitors.

Moreover, both the working spaces that will be constructed, as well as the warehouses, the repair services spaces and the retail establishments will be addressed to the most important companies in professional yacht charters, as well as to other companies that are active in the boats segment, the tourism sector as well as to the wider entrepreneurship.

The maritime zone of the Alimos Marina, an area of 428 acres, disposes of nearly 1,000 berths, after the reconstruction of the floating pontoons, which will present a new, modern design that will make the best use of the necessary space for offering top quality services to the vessels and their users.

Furthermore, special attention will be paid to the modernization of important areas for the smooth operation of the dock, such as modern establishments (pillars) for boats refueling, other safety facilities, lighting, security with automated surveillance systems etc.

Finally, there will be special provision for maintaining the marina area and especially the waterfront area clean, in order to protect the environment from the marina operation, preserve the high cleaning standards and comply with the regulation for the collection and disposal of all waste (liquid and solid, from vessels and other uses).

The Chairman of AKTOR CONCESSIONS, Mr. Dimitris Kallitsantsis, stated:

“Today, the vision for the creation of a state-of-the-art, hospitable and integrated marina which will be a jewel for the coastal front of Athens and a landmark for the wider region, begins turning into reality. Moreover, the fact that a significant investment that will contribute to the upgrade of our country’s tourism product is being launched by a Greek company, in the midst of a particularly critical period, both for Greek tourism and the Greek economy, is a vote of confidence in the prospects of Greece and bears with it elements that will be able to contribute to the new, national effort for the recovery of our country”.

It is reminded that the beginning of the concession is determined within a 4-month period from the signing of the Concession Agreement and after the delivery protocol of the concession area and the existing assets within it, is signed between ETAD and the Concessionaire. Subsequently and upon the completion of the necessary Studies and the approval and issuance of the planned building permits, the Development Period (2020-2025) follows, during which the Concessionaire will carry out all the projects provided in the relevant offer submitted to the tender. The licensing of the projects and the start of works, according to the timetable of the Concession Agreement, is expected to be completed within 28 months from the beginning of the concession, i.e. the end of 2022.


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