The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, responsible for Infrastructure, Mr. George Karagiannis, spoke at the Political Academy for Executive Training organized by the Nea Demokratia Party.

“From the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport alone, and for Crete alone, we are launching projects worth almost 3.5 billion euros,” said Mr. Karagiannis.

The most emblematic project that is starting to be implemented on the island is VOAK, a project that, according to the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure “the Greek state owes this to Crete and it has become a never ending project for a very long time”. A project with a budget of more than 2.2 billion euros where in the coming weeks the first construction sites will begin to be set up and at the end of 2023, beginning of 2024 work will begin at all fronts”.

Then Mr. Karagiannis referred to the milestones for the construction of the large project: “at the beginning of September, the contract was signed for the project concerning the improvement – widening of the existing section Neapoli – Ag. Nikolaos in Lasithi. At the beginning of 2023, construction will begin for the VOAK section from Chersonisos to Neapolis.

Especially for the Chania – Heraklion section, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure emphasized that “this is the largest concession project to start in Europe and one of the largest ever implemented in Greece. Already last week, the Issues of Phase B of the tender were approved and given to the participants so that at the end of March we will have a temporary contractor for this great project”.

Regarding the planning for the remaining sections, Mr. Karagiannis made it known that “the studies for the section of the Kissamos – Chania option are progressing so that within the first quarter of 2023 the EIA will be submitted and the construction of this section will begin alongside Chania-Heraklion, while we proceed with the maturation of the VOAK studies for:
the Souda – Airport section and the parts east of Agios Nikolaos, up to Sitia”.

In fact, Mr. Karagiannis announced “important developments for both sections within 2023, especially the “Kalo Chorio – Frouzi Bridge” sections and that of the Frouzi Bridge to the Pachia Ammos Bypass”.

“Furthermore, apart from the new road projects, we are implementing projects to improve road safety as well as a package of projects aimed at dealing with landslides” added the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure.

Other infrastructure interventions are also underway

“Last month, the construction of additional works for the Bramianou Reservoir and anti-flood works for Gra Lygias and Myrtos Dam was announced” according to Mr. Karagiannis.

In addition, according to the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, within the week “the phase of pre-selection of participants in the tender for the Tavronitis Dam will begin, which will resolve a decades-old request to irrigate high-yielding agricultural lands by saving water, while also contributing substantially to the flood protection of the adjacent areas”.

Regarding the new airport in Kasteli, Mr. Karagiannis announced that “the works are more than 20% complete” while for the building projects being implemented on the island “the procedures for the construction of new Courthouses in Heraklion and Chania are progressing and for the reconstruction of the Courthouse of Rethymno as well”.



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