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Claims have begun by Thessaloniki Metro contractors



Compensation claims has officially started for Thessaloniki Metro project. As it became known, a total of 70m euros is the amount requested, both by the consortium of the Main Line (i.e. AKTOR-IMPREGILO-ANSALDOBREDA HITACHI) and the contractor of Kalamara Branch (i.e. AKTOR).

More specifically, there is a claim for 38m euros, but as is informed, there is a second request for another 30 million euros. Regarding the construction of Venizelou Station. In fact in a recent letter, it is noted that the redesign and approval by the Central Archaeological Council may allow the operation of the Main line, without the station, until the process is completed.

The process of the claims is specific. If Attiko Metro rejects the requests, we will be led to arbitration for the return (or not) of a part of the claimed compensation. It should be reminded that through the arbitration, about 200m euros have been paid in 14 years of construction activities from a claimed amount that reached 1.2b euros.

Sources close to the subject told that since the beginning of April, a few weeks after the decision of CAC on the antiquities, orders have been given to the consortium for studies, implementation studies and a renewed construction schedule.


As they emphasize, the studies will show the cost of the additional works, for which an additional contract will be signed for the construction of Venizelou Station, which had already been decided (with a different solution) by the previous management of Attiko Metro.

In addition, a claim for compensation of 11.6m euros has been filed for Kalamaria Branch.The milestone for the completion of the Thessaloniki Metro construction is now in April 2023, followed by Kalamaria Branch a few months later.



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